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Duets and Musicals

Karaoke SD Song Card

Expand your song collection with this SD karaoke card

Excellent quality music, not midi - includes backup vocals

Compatable with the following karaoke systems, must have base with SD card input:

EnterTech MagicSing Models ET-18000, ET-18KV, ET-19K, ET-21KV

Choose from the following cards:

Duets & Musicals I - $20.00
I've Had the Time of My Life (Duet) B Medley and J Warnes
All that Jazz Catherine Zeta Jones
Memory Cats
Islands in the Stream (Duet) D Parton and K Rogers
Don't Go Breaking My Heart E John and K Dee
Beauty School Dropout Grease
Greased Lightning Grease
We Go Together Grease
Cruisin' (Duet) G Paltrow and H Lewis
Fame Irene Cara
Flashdance Irene Cara
King Herod's Song Jesus Christ Superstar
You're the One that I Want (Duet) O Newton-John and J. Travolta
All I Ask of You Phantom of the Opera
Music of the Night Phantom of the Opera
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again Phantom of the Opera
Sweet Tranvestite Rocky Horror Picture Show
Time Warp Rocky Horror Picture Show

Duets & Musicals II - $20.00
Guilty (Duet) B Streisand & B Gibb
Don"t Phunk With My Heart (Duet) Black Eyed Peas
Request Line (Duet) Black Eyed Peas & M Gray
Tired Of Loving This Way (Duet) C Raye & BEakes
Endless Love (Duet) D Ross & L Richie
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Duet) E John & K Dee
Burnin' The Roadhouse Down (Duet) G Brooks & S Wariner
Squeeze Me In (Duet) G Brooks & T Yearwood
Wild As The Wind (Duet) G Brooks & T Yearwood
Too Much Too Little Too Late (Duet) J Mathis & D Williams
Picture (Duet) K Rock & S Crow
I'd Do Anything For Love (Duet) Meatloaf
Seperate Lives (Duet) P Collins & M Martin
On My Own (Duet) P Labelle & M Mcdonald
Easy Lover (Duet) P Collins & P Bailey
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (Duet) S Nicks & T Petty
I Got You Babe (Duet) Sonny and Cher
Maria West Side Story

Custom Card - $20.00

Choose one of the above song cards or create your own custom card. Select "custom card" from the drop-down list above and buy the auction. Choose any 18 songs from this page and include a note when paying with PayPal that specifies which songs to include on the card. Please list song and artist as some songs may be in the style of different artists.

Operating instructions:
Power off karaoke system, insert SD card, turn power on, choose "movie" from the main menu, choose "select" or "play" and wait for the song list to load, select "play" and begin singing.